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Three lies that scare freelancers into being average

Now and again, I like to feature some of the most popular posts ever published at my freelancing blog,…. Continue Reading →

How One Freelancer Lined Up $29,700 Worth of Gigs in 30 Days

This was a bit of a hidden gem (and, I’ll warn you, it’s a bit of a book promo for… Continue Reading →

How I Use LinkedIn to Make More Freelance Income

This is a top-notch and unique way of using a combination of LinkedIn and Google Alerts to automate (somewhat) how… Continue Reading →

10 mind-shifts you MUST have today to be a successful and happy freelancer

Stop beating yourself up over little things. Realize that you’re good enough. And acknowledge that your work is worth paying… Continue Reading →

Why MORE marketing won’t get you more clients (and what to do instead)

For many beginning freelancers (and even some seasoned ones), finding clients seems like a simple math game. “If I can… Continue Reading →

10 Apps That Will Make Any Freelancer More Creative

Not much to say on this one except that staying creative when you also have to run a business can… Continue Reading →

How to Handle Angry, Frustrated or Upset Clients

Preston’s article at Just Creative is a great one. Among lots of other great advice, here’s my favorite quote from the… Continue Reading →

How to make the jump to freelancing full time

One of the biggest questions I get through my site is from creatives who are wanting to quit their jobs… Continue Reading →

How to know when you’ve “made it” as a freelancer?

This was a quick but interesting read on how to define success as a freelancer. What most wannabe freelancers don’t… Continue Reading →

How I made $100K in 1 year on Elance

There’s not much I can add to this post because I’m not personally making $100K on elance. But Danny from… Continue Reading →

How we tripled our business by giving away free websites

Last January, our website development team was struggling for a way to break out of our old market and into… Continue Reading →

How to Show Up Every Day (and Why You Must)

I’ve been preaching this same principle lately: success is less about being a genius (although that won’t hurt) and more… Continue Reading →

How to save your failing freelance business

I wanted to share this post from Brent at Your Freelance Career because we seem to always be talking about getting… Continue Reading →

How to Quit Your Full-Time Job and Freelance For Your Employer

On this installment of Contently’s “Ask a Freelancer” series, they tackle a really great question: How do I (and should… Continue Reading →

11 Pro Tips for Giving and Receiving Creative Feedback

Giving helpful, sincere feedback can be hard. And taking constructive criticism without getting offended can be even harder. But as… Continue Reading →

Seriously upgrade your design portfolio in 20 minutes or less for free

Are you one of those designers who uses a web portfolio to show off their work and find new clients?… Continue Reading →

The Best Networking “Hack” I’ve Ever Used

“Networking.” It tends to be a pretty dirty word in the world on honest business building. It’s boring. It’s dull…. Continue Reading →

The “secret” you haven’t learned yet about pricing your services

Why share this? Because I love how Jake Jorgovan leads into this whole idea. Who hasn’t wasted tons of hours and… Continue Reading →

5 Ways to get more income from each freelance client

Why share this post with you? Because I think lots of freelancers get so caught up in managing projects and… Continue Reading →

6 Money hacks that will set your business up for massive success

Sticky post

A few years ago, I made a couple small changes that resulted in a huge positive shift for my business. At… Continue Reading →

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