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What Your Portfolio Says about You as A Freelance Designer

You certainly don’t want to give the wrong impression to your potential clients. Therefore, you must be very careful with the way you present yourself, and you showcase your work online. You don’t want to look inexperienced and incompetent. This… Continue Reading →

3 Things Freelancers Can Use as Leverage When Negotiating Higher Rates

Offering quality services is necessary to land high paying clients. However, the way you present yourself and your business to prospects are of great importance, as well. There are different ways to persuade clients that you deserve a higher fee… Continue Reading →

Effective Content Marketing: The Content That Attracts Freelance Clients

I have reasons to believe that many freelancers underestimate the significance of content marketing. I discovered the tremendous power of this marketing tool when I started blogging. Now, 70% of my clients are my readers and subscribers. The good thing… Continue Reading →

How An Artist Making Pennies in Royalties Built a Thriving Freelance Business

In the second episode of the “Freelance to Founder” podcast, you will listen to another inspiring story. It’s the story of Greg Olsen, a hard working artist, who eventually started making real money from his work when his son Nate… Continue Reading →

My 6 Simple Rules for Getting More Freelance Clients (from Your Website)

Do you think that investing on your website is a waste of time and/or money? Well, you are wrong! Your website can be your #1 client getting tool, provided you do what’s necessary to make it work to your benefit…. Continue Reading →

Freelancers -You Can Move Past Burnout. Here’s How.

All freelancers and not just writers will relate to the situation described in the following post. Being your own boss has many advantages but can be exhausting sometimes. This article is a great reminder of some useful tips to avoid… Continue Reading →

5 Simple Steps to Turn Client Needs Into Freelance Business Profits

Presenting to the clients what you are doing well is not efficient to convince them to hire you. Not anymore. Your sales pitch has to be more about them and their needs and less about you. In this post, you… Continue Reading →

5 Client Communication Strategies for Remote Freelancers

Many people find it difficult to believe that 50% of my clients live miles away from my office and we never met in-person; with some of them, we haven’t even talked on the phone. It wouldn’t seem so strange if… Continue Reading →

How To Diagnose Your Freelance Client Before the Sale

Seasoned freelancers usually know in advance with whom they will finally work with, they recognize the signs -and red flags- immediately. Experience can save you a lot of time and energy you could waste on the wrong prospects. Listening to… Continue Reading →

How Long Should You Test A Freelance Marketing Idea before Giving Up?

Successful entrepreneurs have this in common: they are not afraid of failing. They know that testing things and making mistakes is part of the process. The good thing is, some of them are generous to share their precious experience with… Continue Reading →

How to Choose the Best Domain Extension for Your Personal Freelance Site

Choosing a great domain name for your website is crucial to your business success, but can be harder than you can imagine. In case you are a bit confused about domain names and extensions, this useful guide will clear things… Continue Reading →

How to Focus and Get Better Freelance Clients This Year

How often do you hear the following words from clients: “There’s no need to keep on searching; apparently I found what I’ve been looking for.” I am happy to hear these words more often during the last years, just because… Continue Reading →

How This Stay-at-Home Mom Turned A Hobby into Multi-Million Dollar Freelance Business

If you enjoy listening to success stories, you’ll love the brand-new podcast of Millo “Freelance to Founder.” You’ll hear about freelancers & solopreneurs who scaled their businesses to be much bigger than themselves. Courtney Brown is one of them, listen… Continue Reading →

5 Skills All Freelance Business Owners Need to Have in the Digital Age

You probably know already, that being a talented and skillful creative is not enough to run your business successfully. As a freelance business owner, you need a few other skills to thrive in today’s competitive market. Being able to manage… Continue Reading →

Infographic: Are Creative Freelancers Thriving or Just Surviving?

Still wondering if jumping into freelancing is a wise decision? Will it be more profitable than the stable income your paid job offers you? Are you curious to know what your peers are charging and earning? Unfortunately, you cannot easily… Continue Reading →

How to Get Clients to “Like” Your Freelance Business Facebook Page

If you decide to put some effort and set up a business Facebook page, make sure you’ll get the results you want. The following article will help you determine whether you need a Facebook page or not and if you… Continue Reading →

How to Follow Up With Potential Freelance Clients the Right Way

This is a hot topic coming up in Facebook groups and conversations among freelancers. How to follow up with prospects, without being salesy and pushy? When it’s important to insist and when it’s time to give up? This article gives… Continue Reading →

Why Freelance Clients Choose Someone Else

I always say – and write – that you have be a good psychologist if you want to become a successful freelancer and entrepreneur. Being a competent and talented professional is not enough. This insightful article will help you understand… Continue Reading →

How to Earn Publicity for Your Freelance Blog or Biz for FREE

If you rank high on Google, there’s much chance you appear on TV one day! Well, it’s not so easy but not as difficult as it seems either. This post written by a former TV reporter will give you some… Continue Reading →

How to Pitch Agencies for Freelance Work (Here’s Exactly What We Want to Hear)

Who could give better advice on this than a creative agency owner? Reading this article you’ll know what your future boss, client or partner would like to hear and see. You’ll also find out the reasons your application for another… Continue Reading →

10 Rules for Making User-Friendly Forms for Your Freelance Website

It seems that most business owners (and their web developers) don’t put much effort in creating or customizing their website form. I rarely stumble upon a user-friendly and easy to fill web form. Not so smart, if you consider that… Continue Reading →

Over 65 Ways to Make Money as A Creative Freelancer

If you need some brainstorming on how to make (more) money doing what you love, you’ll like this post. You’re probably working already as a creative freelancer, but in case you need some ideas on expanding your horizons, leveraging your… Continue Reading →

How to Price (Logo) Design Services _Video

In this really interesting video, brand strategist Chris Do shares his insights on how designers should go about pricing their services. I think all designers – and not just logo designers – will find this video extremely helpful.   Recorded… Continue Reading →

How Being Like Everyone Else Keeps Your Freelance Rates Low

Every time you have a hard time to choose between 2 or 3 products or services, it’s because they’re not identical. Otherwise, you would have chosen the cheapest one. Being different and offering something unique makes it more difficult for… Continue Reading →

The Science of How to Stay Focused: Psychology, Habits, and Chewing Gum

I think most of you will find this article useful. It’s really difficult to stay focused and stop multitasking, switching between 2 monitors and ten tabs open, while checking emails and Facebook updates. The following tips will help you avoid… Continue Reading →

3 Lessons For Freelancers Over 40

It’s never too late to start a freelance career. It may seem daunting having to compete with younger and fresh freelancers in certain aspects. At the same time, there are also some great advantages in being experienced and mature. This… Continue Reading →

15 Tips to Automate Your Freelance Business Marketing

Even if you want to have a personal relationship with your clients, automating the process and filtering prospects will save you a lot of precious time. At the same time, analyzing results will show you where to focus on and… Continue Reading →

Do Freelance Designers Deserve Down-payments?

One of the most common problem designers face is unpaid work. They often complain about having done work for free, expecting to get paid later – something that never happened. The client disappeared. These problems would not exist, if every… Continue Reading →

How Using Testimonials The Right Way Will Transform Your Freelance Business

Testimonials are one of the most powerful tools for attracting clients. There is however, a wrong and an appropriate and effective way to use them. Watch this video or read the post if you prefer, to make sure you’ re… Continue Reading →

Launch by Jeff Walker: 5 Key Insights for Every Entrepreneur

Based on Jeff Walker’s book “Launch”, this post is full of precious lessons you can use to grow your business. I think you’ll find them all interesting, effective and easy to apply.   1. Your Email List Isn’t a Strategy;… Continue Reading →

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