When I first started freelancing, I looked everywhere for a freelance invoice app to help me streamline my online business.

See, I used to have this invoice template built in InDesign and stored somewhere safe on my computer. Every time I needed to send an invoice to my clients, instead of using an invoice app, I would pull up the InDesign file, edit the content, “save as” and then email that invoice to the client.

And it was a bit of a pain.

What didn’t exist then (nearly 10 years ago) were dozens of incredible client management and freelance invoicing apps to help you build super simple invoices, save them right in the web app (or mobile app), and then create and send invoices – all in less than a minute.

What I wish had happened when I first started freelancing was (1) that these freelance invoice apps even existed in the first place and (2) that some more seasoned freelancer would have told me about them.

So I’m here to do exactly that today.

I’ve collected a large list of freelance invoice apps below.

Many of them I have tried. Some of them have even supported this blog or one of our podcasts as a sponsor. But all of them are top-notch, high-quality freelance invoice apps that will completely change your business…. especially if, like 10-years-ago-me, you’re still creating invoices from a template in InDesign instead of using an app.

Take a look through the list, give some of the apps’ free trials a test-run and let me know in the comments which apps you think look the best for freelance invoicing.

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