Although having the opportunity to work from home sounds perfect, there are some disadvantages.
It’s hard to remain concentrated and be productive when you don’t live alone; especially if there are kids around.
A freelance writer with five children shares the secrets that keep her organized and focused.

just a few short years ago, my kids were ages 0-10 — and one of them has significant developmental disabilities.

In all the time that I have worked as a freelance writer, I have never missed a deadline. How is that possible? Back when I was a new mom of one tiny baby, I discovered a few secrets to working productively from home, even with kids in the picture.

Designate your work hours — and hire reliable childcare.
When my first baby was born, I quickly realized that babies need a decent amount of care and attention — and so does a freelance writing career. I hired a sitter to watch my daughter for four hours every morning. During that time, I closed the door to my tiny little office and worked. The rest of the day, I took care of my baby, but those four hours were reserved solely for work.

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