If you are a freelancer, you’ve probably noticed that there’s been a much talk – and debate – about the necessity of ‘finding your niche” and “targeting your market.”
In case you find posts or advice on this topic confusing instead of helpful, this insightful article will answer all your questions.
It defines perfectly what niching your business is and why “niching adds, it never subtracts.”

What does it mean to niche?

Every transaction requires an application.

If I’m going to buy a new computer, justifying the purchase requires me to think about how I’ll use the laptop to better my business or my life. Why I end up buying a laptop is different than why you might buy that same laptop.

Likewise, hiring a freelancer (for the sake of argument, let’s say a freelance web designer) requires the business owner to rationalize how they’ll use the web designer to achieve the end they have in mind.

Can you go all-in and exclusively work with one type of customer?

Sure. You’ll definitely want to start considering doing this as you begin developing more repeatable, more productized services that allow you to focus your attention on really owning that space.

But it’s by no means a requirement. And because people think that they need to give up their existing portfolio of clients in order to niche correctly, they often flounder.


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