How do you call yourself?
Are you thinking – and acting – like a freelancer or a business owner?
If you can tell the difference, how would this help your business?
Read this article to find out where you are now and what works best for you.


Freelancers typically have a skill that they exchange for money. This may look like writing, designing, photography, etc.

It’s definitely a trade time for money model and it’s not very scalable. Additionally, freelancers seem to be really good at a particular skill but it is unlikely that they have any experience drumming up new business, managing, accounting, etc.

Business Owners

These are all major shifts for a freelancer to make as they start thinking more about building wealth and creating a sustainable business. In fact, in many ways, becoming a business owner is sort of the bridge between business owner and entrepreneur depending on what kind of entrepreneur you’d like to be.

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