If you are a service-based freelancer or consultant, today it is easier than ever to create passive income.  Productizing your services is the perfect way to scale your business and profits.
This helpful guide provides examples of what you could sell and gives advice on how to go from an idea to a finished product.

As a service provider, you have skills, knowledge, and experience that you can teach others. This is why creating paid courses or tutorials are a popular way for freelancers and consultants to get scalable income. You can teach courses that share extensive skills that take more than one sitting to learn, or you could teach shorter tutorials that allow your customers to learn a very specific skill in a day or less.

You can also create products that allow you to sell licenses for the product, rather than exclusive access to the product itself. A common example of this would be a photographer selling stock photos. Other professions can also do this, such as programmers selling scripts and plugins, or musicians and audio engineers selling licenses to their audio and music.

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