March 2017

3 Things Freelancers Can Use as Leverage When Negotiating Higher Rates

Offering quality services is necessary to land high paying clients. However, the way you present yourself and your business to prospects are of great importance, as well. There are different ways to persuade clients that you deserve a higher fee… Continue Reading →

Effective Content Marketing: The Content That Attracts Freelance Clients

I have reasons to believe that many freelancers underestimate the significance of content marketing. I discovered the tremendous power of this marketing tool when I started blogging. Now, 70% of my clients are my readers and subscribers. The good thing… Continue Reading →

How An Artist Making Pennies in Royalties Built a Thriving Freelance Business

In the second episode of the “Freelance to Founder” podcast, you will listen to another inspiring story. It’s the story of Greg Olsen, a hard working artist, who eventually started making real money from his work when his son Nate… Continue Reading →

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