Nobody is born confident enough to be a great negotiator.
The secret to coming out on top and closing a good deal is being prepared and following the right strategy.
This article, full of valuable advice, will help you get the most out of any negotiation.

#1: Know your boundaries

That’s right: know where your boundaries are before you enter the negotiation.

Here’s why:

Good negotiators know people in general dislike negotiating.

That’s why they always try to negotiate – and nail down terms – with you in real-time (on the phone, in person, or via video chat) because they know they’re far more likely to get what they want.

#4: Understand the barrier

You can’t negotiate with clients effectively without this knowledge. Find out what’s preventing your client from accepting the deal.

Once you know what their reservations are, you can assuage their fears, or, if it’s truly not a good fit, point them in the right direction.


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