Building a business requires a lot more than setting up a website and wait for clients to find you.
It takes much work before you start selling your goods or services.
This article reveals the initial steps followed by successful entrepreneurs like Pat Flynn, in building a profitable business.

Where to find your initial audience

Pat validated his business idea by blogging, but what about before you’ve even started?

Or what if you don’t feel that writing is one of your strengths? There are still ways to connect with an audience of like-minded people and find out if there’s a real need for your product.

Step 1: Craft a quick elevator pitch

Entrepreneur and founder of the 30 Days to Validate course, Ryan Robinson, suggests starting this process by writing a quick elevator pitch about what your business is.

Start by thinking about the position you uncovered during the 3p exercise.

  • What is missing from the industry?
  • Where do people need the most help?
  • Where can you provide more value than what’s currently available?

These initial questions will get you moving towards a clear elevator pitch for your business.

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