In the internet era, it is easier than ever to automate your business and free up precious time.
There are so many apps and tools online to make your business life incredibly easy (some of them totally free or at low cost), that you might get confused.
The following article makes it easier for you; check them all and find what suits you best!

3. Streamline Your Customer Support Process

As AI continues to advance, automated customer service programs are becoming more and more common. This benefits both businesses and their customers. According to Groove, “91% of customers would use an online knowledge base if it were available and tailored to their needs.”

6. Set Up a System for Self-Employment Tax Filings

On the other hand, if you’re a solo worker, you don’t have to worry about payroll taxes and other employer requirements – but if you’re U.S.-based, you will be on the hook for self-employment taxes.

8. Supercharge Your Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing is another area that’s seen a tremendous amount of growth in terms of automation. While tools that can automatically load updates to your social profiles (like Buffer) have been around for a while, new entries to the field can help you.

9. Design Effective Lead Magnets

Essentially, a lead magnet is a free offer you make in the hopes of inspiring your customers to join your email list. According to Barry Feldman of Feldman Creative, “Lead magnets have always been a powerful tool in the marketer’s arsenal. They’re especially golden in this digital age because we can satisfy the reader’s request in an instant.”


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