56% of anxiety sufferers deal specifically with performance anxiety at work.
This fascinating and useful article describes six proven by science theories to help you manage work stress in a productive way.

Work Anxiety vs. Stress

Anxiety isn’t the same as stress, but they are related. Stress is a response to direct external stimuli that goes away when you tackle the problem. But unlike stress, anxiety is impressively self-sufficient. It can happily exist all on its own, like a delicate snowflake of existential dread that won’t melt when the sun comes out.

Don’t Calm Down

You might think the natural response to performance anxiety at work is to take some deep breaths, find a quiet spot, and gather your thoughts.

Alison Wood Brooks of Harvard Business School disagrees. She advocates “anxious reappraisal.”

Demand Feedback

If your anxiety spikes when you’re unclear of your goal, demanding high quality feedback is important. Repeatedly trying to clarify action points can not only hamper productivity, it can make less assertive people feel burdensome to clients.

Research conducted by Approve.io, a rapid feedback tool for freelancers working remotely, revealed that feedback without clear and specific action points can lead to anxiety.

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