Unfortunately, it happens more often than you can imagine.
What’s even worse, is the fact that you are probably unaware of sabotaging your business.
#6, for instance, seems like a good habit; but is it?
Here are a few signs you’re doing something wrong.

2. Focusing on the wrong parts of your business.

As creative folks, it’s easy to focus on the artistic side of our business without giving as much thought to the…well… business side of our business.

At the end of the day, you’re running a business. Don’t forget that.

4. Having too many eggs in one revenue basket.

The other thing smart business-builders know that you don’t is that it’s terribly risky to put all of your eggs in one revenue basket.

Is one major client keeping you in business?

Is one product making your entire business run?

8. Not tracking your marketing efforts.

In a world where you can track practically everything, not tracking your marketing efforts is a real sin.

Start with marketing efforts you can track: email, social media, search marketing, search optimization, paid anything in digital.

What you don’t track can’t be improved.

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