This article outlines correctly some of the best reasons one should decide to start an online business.
When so many people spend so much time online, it’s no wonder why so many professionals choose a career based entirely on the web.
Independence and low-cost are only 2 of them – read them all!

I’m location independent.

A couple of weeks ago I was working from San Juan, Puerto Rico. Later this month I’ll be in Nashville, Tennessee and I’m likely going to Austin in May. In fact, I’ll be on a plane once a month through June.

Here’s another example of the power of location independence. Just yesterday a business colleague and friend posted that she’s been wanting to visit Nicaragua. I commented with, “Me too! Why don’t we just find an AirBnB with WiFi and go?” Long story short, I may be in Nicaragua this summer.

It’s scalable.


Freelance writing and consulting, which now make up a big part of my revenue, are not scalable because I need to trade time for money. This means there’s only so much I can do because my time is limited.

On the other hands, digital products like membership sites and online courses are scalable because I don’t need to trade my time for money.

In the case of the membership site, I have recurring revenue each month when people sign up.

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