Will your business be one of the 50% that makes it past five years?
It’s possible if you work in milestones and stay focused on your goals.
This article outlines the tactics successful entrepreneurs use to build long-lasting and profitable businesses.

The majority of businesses fail because of things they can control. A Gallup study of 4,000 entrepreneurs discovered that the reasons for a failed business usually boils down to the person who started the business. They then broke down the traits of successful business-owners to provide stat-backed abilities and tactics you take action on right now.

Business Milestone #2: First Repeat Client

Your next business milestone involves that sweet, sweet exchange of currency. Landing your first repeat client (sometimes called an anchor client) will give you confidence in your business and the motivation you’ll need to keep going. The key word here is “repeat.”

Business Milestone #5: Gain Authority in Your Industry

At this point, you’re making money and you have a great team in place. Your next milestone is to become an authority in your industry.

Even if your business doesn’t exist entirely online, the Internet is your fastest route to becoming an authority. Create the type of content that your industry needs and will appreciate, and give it away for free.

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