There are many benefits to repeatedly working with your best clients.
It is easier, less time-consuming, effortless and pleasant for both sides.
It also saves you valuable time you would spend marketing your business to attract new prospects.
In the following article, you’ll find some smart ways to keep your existing clients engaged.

2. Respond Quickly to Problems

If there’s one metric you should know by heart, it’s your average reply time to customers. Responding to clients quickly is important – if they have any queries or complaints, they need a swift and effective reply or you may lose their goodwill and, potentially, their business.

3. Work Out How Your Clients Like to Engage

Knowing how your clients like to engage matters because you need to stay active in the places where they are likely to be. For example, there’s no point in spreading great messages in a forum that none of your clients will visit, or sending them regular mail if it’ll never get opened.

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