If you are a new freelancer, being productive while enjoying your freedom at work may seem controversial.
There’s no boss to tell you what to do and set priorities; there’s no 9 to 5 working week.
Things can easily slip out of control, especially if you tend to procrastinate.
The following productivity practices will keep you on track and help you get your business going.

Throw the idea of “normal” work hours out the window.

Let’s be real, though. The beginning stages of your business is like having a newborn child. You’re likely working all the time. And that’s okay because it’s only temporary.

With that being said, get this idea of “normal” out of your mind. It will give you a lot more freedom as you figure out what productivity practices work for you.

Batch similar tasks together.

Batching is one of my favorite productivity practices. While I don’t need to abide by it as much anymore, I still use it and it was definitely a saving grace back in the day.

The premise of batching is pretty simple. You block out a set period of time to perform similar tasks.

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