It is amazing how many mistakes and wrong decisions we make, based on false beliefs.
Like the following:
“If you are exquisite you don’t need promotion; it is a matter of time to get discovered and paid what you deserve.”
In this article David shares his valuable experience with us, debunking common client-getting myths.

Myth 1. “No one reads all that copy, keep it short”

In 2010, I wrote one of the longest sales pages of my life. It contained thousands of words on a single page.

“Who will read all that? Keep it short!” a voice probed from the back of my mind.

But I wrote on anyway, because there was more to be said.

Today, without as much as a single word being changed in the last 6.5 years, this copy is still the top performer in its entire industry…


Because if your copy speaks to people’s interests, problems, and desires – they will read every word.

Myth 3. “I’m not a big talker, so I’m bad at selling”

Good news: Selling is more about listening than talking. That’s why I do a pretty good job at it.

The questions you ask will get you more sales than the savvy words you speak.

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