Offering quality services is necessary to land high paying clients.
However, the way you present yourself and your business to prospects are of great importance, as well.
There are different ways to persuade clients that you deserve a higher fee than your competitors.
Read about 3 of them in the following post.

Social Media Following

I focused a lot of 2016 on formulating a plan to increase my social media following because I had a hunch that it would give me leverage when negotiating higher rates with potential clients.

I spent time and money growing my following into the tens of thousands of people across different social media channels in an effort to raise awareness about myself.

Your own talent, experience and unique perspective.

There may be a million business owners out there who do the same thing as you, but the key thing to remember is that none of them are you.

We all bring unique talents, experiences, and perspectives into our businesses and we can use that to our advantage when negotiating higher rates for clients.

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