This article outlines precisely the reasons why some freelancers attract quality, high paying clients, and some others do not – yet.
If you are still a “technician”, you cannot easily compete with an “expert.”
Read to find out which stage you’re in and what it takes to evolve to the next level.

Your current stage of evolution as a freelancer affects your rates, profits, income stability and earning potential more than anything else.

The 3 stages of evolution I describe in this article are defined by your relationship with your clients. When you grow as a freelancer, your client relationships will deepen, and this will enable you to provide more value to them, while also getting more value in return.

Stage 1: The Technician

Other terms people use for this stage are order taker, pixel pusher and code monkey.

Typically, the job of a technician is to implement the client’s strategy, exactly as the client prescribes. Even if the client is not proficient in the freelancer’s line of work, they will act like they are, thus driving the freelancer’s impact on the project to the very minimum.

Stage 2: The Expert

In order to keep your status as the expert, you cannot take on just about any client who comes your way – you need to be discerning and selective, only taking on those clients who perceive you as an expert and are open to listening to your ideas and proposed best practices. This requires a thorough vetting process using your sales page copy, inquiry forms and questionnaires, sales conversations and proposals. Some clients don’t play well with experts, and are just not worth taking on.


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