Potential clients are everywhere.
Just make sure they will notice you and remember you.
If you are passionate about your work, this is extremely easy!
In case you are desperately looking for clients and you haven’t used at least 10 of the free ways outlined in this article, you’ve missed a lot of great opportunities.

1. People You Pay for Services

Your local coffee shop or stationery store might need help with their websites and print materials. Some retailers may want to start selling online, but don’t know where to start.

Don’t forget about your auto mechanic, doctor, real estate agent, or family restaurant.

3. Groups

Social media provides the opportunity to network with people online you normally wouldn’t have access to.

Join a few groups related to your clients’ industries and spend 5-10 minutes each day looking at and answering questions.

Do not try to sell yourself (many groups don’t allow this anyway), but do speak up when someone is looking for a great designer.

8. Complimentary Service Providers

If you’re a web designer, team up with an SEO agency. Print designers could use at least one good copywriter in their contacts (especially when you see what the client’s copy looks like).



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