February 2017

How I Created A Simple Pricing Process that Removed Stress and Boosted Freelance Profits

The worst part of a service based business for many freelancers – myself included – is writing proposals. It’s a real headache, especially when we offer different kind of services, for different kind of clients. Hourly rates or value-based pricing… Continue Reading →

This Often Ignored Idea Will Boost Your Will to Succeed

Long-term goals are are more easily forgotten and abandoned, because they are not urgent. If you are putting off tasks, plans and desires and procrastinate, then you’re sabotaging your chances to succeed. This  really interesting and inspiring article, based on… Continue Reading →

Here’s Why You Are An Overworked and Underpaid Freelancer

“Most reasons why people don’t pay us enough are our fault.” I couldn’t agree more! Actually, I recently wrote an article on the same topic. The good news is, if being underpaid is your fault then it’s up to you… Continue Reading →

Start A Successful Freelance Business – Even When You’re on A Time Budget

You don’t feel ready to leave your paid job and jump into freelancing. Most people are doing both for a while, before they finally quit their job. But, what happens if you’re short on time? Should you forget about your… Continue Reading →

How to Get Over The Fear of Rejection In Freelance Business

Fear of failure and rejection are the most common reasons many people don’t follow their dreams. I would have lost a lot of great opportunities if I was afraid of rejection. If it’s used smartly and productively, rejection can help… Continue Reading →

The Powerful Marketing Method Most Freelancers Never Use

It’s true that marketing your business is not an easy job. Many freelancers make terrible mistakes, and the worst of all is, they don’t understand what they’re doing wrong. The really simple method mentioned in this article is a great… Continue Reading →

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