Do you think that investing on your website is a waste of time and/or money?
Well, you are wrong!
Your website can be your #1 client getting tool, provided you do what’s necessary to make it work to your benefit.
Start with avoiding a few very common mistakes.
Follow the six simple – but tested and effective – rules that will definitely bring results.

1. Pretend your services are products

If you were going to buy a new phone today, you’d be able to head to the manufacturer’s website and read a list of features, benefits, specs, etc.

Treat your services the same way.

4. Your portfolio: More than pretty pictures.

While beauty may be one thing clients are coming to you for… it’s not the only thing.

Don’t fall into the trap of making your portfolio simply an image gallery.

Explain to your visitors the concept of each piece, the goals it aims to achieve, and the results it generated.

Clients don’t just want pretty things.

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