Based on Jeff Walker’s book “Launch”, this post is full of precious lessons you can use to grow your business. I think you’ll find them all interesting, effective and easy to apply.


1. Your Email List Isn’t a Strategy; it’s the Strategy

With an engaged list, you can always ask for feedback and open up lines of communication. These insights (which you can’t get anywhere else) help inspire you to create new offers and improve the ones you already have. It’s like having a focus group on-call 24/7.

A small but engaged list is much more valuable than a larger apathetic one.

2. The Importance of Storytelling and Mental Triggers

Learning how to persuade first-time visitors and leads (regardless of which medium you use to connect with them) is fundamental to get them to become customers. Walker embeds all of his persuasive chops into the book to hook the reader right away.

According to Launch, two keys to effective persuasion are mental triggers and storytelling.

5. Attract Attention with Valuable Free Content

Are you trying to buy attention… or earning it with quality content? The latter is a lot more authentic – and sustainable. You can deliver this content in whatever medium your audience will enjoy. If you aren’t sure, just ask!

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