Still wondering if jumping into freelancing is a wise decision?
Will it be more profitable than the stable income your paid job offers you?
Are you curious to know what your peers are charging and earning?
Unfortunately, you cannot easily have access to this confidential information, but those who have, reveal all you wanted to know in the following post and infographic.

We wanted to take a deeper dive into the hourly rate of creatives and look at the numbers by profession, location and even compare self-employed creatives to their salaried peers. The goal: To understand just how FreshBooks’ self-employed creatives are doing for themselves. Are they merely surviving? Or are they actually thriving?

These days, nearly every creative will consider their options: Will they be more fulfilled in full-time employment or by striking out on their own? There are many upsides and downsides to consider. If you choose the salaried route, you’ll have job stability, benefits and a predictable paycheck. On the other hand, if you become a freelancer, you’ll have the freedom to be your own boss and establish a solid work / life balance.

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