Testimonials are one of the most powerful tools for attracting clients.
There is however, a wrong and an appropriate and effective way to use them.
Watch this video or read the post if you prefer, to make sure you’ re doing it right!

Add a ridiculously long list of testimonials somewhere on your website.
That’s the first lesson in testimonials – you need volume. I recommend having at least a dozen on your website.

A lot of times, when I do see freelancers or agencies using testimonials, what I see is a huge giant block of paragraph text with a picture. Now, the thing is that no one reads huge blocks of text. You have to help people. Everybody skims websites. Statistics show that at least 80% of people skim through websites.

We think if everybody loves something, there must be a reason.

In the same way, if a restaurant has a line out the door, and the restaurant next to them is totally empty, you’re probably going to go to the restaurant with the line out the door because you’re thinking ‘there’s got to be a reason all these people are waiting.’

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