If you are one of those freelancers or entrepreneurs who have lots of ideas, but not enough time and money to spare, this post is written for you.
You’ve probably heard of the Minimum Viable Product and how it can help you launching and validating your ideas, products or services, without wasting precious time and money.
Even if you haven’t, it’s all clearly explained here.

Validation is…

Designed to give you reasonable certainty your business will have a sustainable, growing, paying audience in a matter of days or weeks, rather than wasting months or years building a final product nobody will pay for.

“What could we make at a minimum to get our product functioning to prove it is a solution to a problem?”

This could be a blog, a landing page, even a demo of the product you want to build. The key here is to find the core problem your product solves in a unique and novel way, and build something to address that specific problem.

“When it comes to validating a business idea, fast and simple is the name of the game… To move as quickly as possible without wasting time and money, you need to focus on the skill set you already have and make it work”

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