Who could give better advice on this than a creative agency owner?
Reading this article you’ll know what your future boss, client or partner would like to hear and see.
You’ll also find out the reasons your application for another job was rejected and how to be more prepared and effective next time.
For instance, I often receive cold emails from young architects specialized on something I’m not at all interested, which reveals they didn’t even bother to visit my website and take a look at the services I offer.
This is a huge, yet common mistake!

Why me?

For many agencies, their work is very personal.

They put passion into every pixel they place.

So if you want to work with them – they want to know why.

Make the agency feel like they’re the only one you’re reaching out to.


Remember: You’re reaching out to the agency. They’re not reaching out to you. So that means, initially, you’re not really a “real person” to them.

You’re an interruption.

A step up from an interruption is “someone who might help make my life easier.”

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