How often do you hear the following words from clients:
“There’s no need to keep on searching; apparently I found what I’ve been looking for.”
I am happy to hear these words more often during the last years, just because I narrowed my target group.
Our dream clients are out there. We only have to spot them and attract them.
Focusing is the way to get there, and the following post and video will show you how.

It takes time and it’s an evolution, so you have to be patient and stay the course. And it’s a dialogue with your clients—not something you “decide” in a vacuum then implement. Through the back and forth between you and the market, your focus will be a response to those who respond positively to you. The more positively they respond, the easier it is to commit to a focus.

The more you focus, the clearer your message will be to better clients and the easier it will be for them to say, “This is exactly who we need.”

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