If you rank high on Google, there’s much chance you appear on TV one day!
Well, it’s not so easy but not as difficult as it seems either.
This post written by a former TV reporter will give you some tips to earn publicity for your blog or business, increase your influence and land more clients.

Earning media exposure by blogging

Here’s how it works: When I worked as a TV reporter and we needed someone to speak on camera as an expert for a story, we’d first reach out to our close contacts to see if they knew anyone available. If that didn’t pan out, we’d do a Google search. If your blog or blog post came up on the first or second page, you were called and asked to be interviewed as an expert for a story.

Earning media exposure by using social media

If you’re blogging, you’re probably already sharing your content on social media – adding to your credibility and visibility. If you want to use your social media presence to connect with journalists, there is one platform you should focus on.


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