Seasoned freelancers usually know in advance with whom they will finally work with, they recognize the signs -and red flags- immediately.
Experience can save you a lot of time and energy you could waste on the wrong prospects.
Listening to and reading about other professionals’ stories and advice is the best way to avoid a troublesome business relationship.

You’ve heard the client horror stories. Your friends and colleagues have probably bombarded you with sad tales of misguided partnerships. I recently talked about why you should fire toxic clients in the new year.

But what if you could avoid them to begin with?

What if you could allow yourself to pause for a beat and give yourself the time to diagnose your prospective client?


Are They Price Shoppers?

In general, there’s three category of clients:

  • Those who shop for quality, sparing no expense
  • Those who shop for the best value for their money
  • Those who want to spend the least amount possible, regardless of quality

Of course, the holy-grail client of every business owner (regardless of the size of your business) is the client who spares no expense for high-quality work.

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