Choosing a great domain name for your website is crucial to your business success, but can be harder than you can imagine.
In case you are a bit confused about domain names and extensions, this useful guide will clear things up, helping you make the right decision.
You will find some powerful tools and killer tips for finding the perfect domain name.

The .com extension is one of the oldest domain extensions. It’s also the most commonly used. Just think for a moment: almost every major website on the Internet ends in .com. The exception to this are government websites or non-profit organizations which usually end in .gov or .org.

Opting for a .com extension should be your top priority, but sometimes that is just not possible. If your desired domain name is already taken, what should you do then?

There are many domain name checkers online as well as a number of domain name registrars. In fact, most of the hosting companies allow you to register a domain name with them for free when you sign up for one of their hosting plans.

However, before you do that, consider using one of the tools below, as choosing the right host is another important factor to consider, deserving of a topic of its own.


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