Successful entrepreneurs have this in common: they are not afraid of failing. They know that testing things and making mistakes is part of the process.
The good thing is, some of them are generous to share their precious experience with us.
In the following article, Bianca Board gives some practical advice on effective marketing, which every freelancer will find extremely helpful.

Doing good work alone is not enough.

You gotta MARKET like crazy. And hustle. And push. And FAIL.

OVER and OVER and OVER again!

But fail good. Then fail better. And better again. Until you get so damn good at failing, you land at success with style and flair — and with far less gaping wounds on your beaten and bruised ego.

What normally happens is you panic because you have no money and your current projects are coming to an end so you dive in head first, completely blind, and start throwing what little money you have at every fandangle marketing trick out there hoping like crazy something works.

And nothing sticks.

You become completely disheartened. You feel like an idiot. And you go in for a round of beating yourself up over how stupid you are for not being able to figure it out.

The problem with most of us is that we don’t clearly define what success actually is — and that can be on all levels of our being — not just business. So before you go and spend up big on the latest Facebook ad hacks trying to find the cool clients, first work out what metrics will classify it as a success for you.


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