All freelancers and not just writers will relate to the situation described in the following post.
Being your own boss has many advantages but can be exhausting sometimes.
This article is a great reminder of some useful tips to avoid burnout which you may already know, but you tend to forget.

As a freelancer, your rent and food all hinge on your ability to dispatch assignments in rapid succession, ship invoices, and keep moving. That kind of frenetic pace can wear you down, and yes, sometimes it leaves you feeling burned out. How you might deal with it depends on the severity, as well as how much time you have.

How much time do you have until your deadline? If you can, divide what you need to do into smaller chunks, and budget time for each chunk. Try to leave a teensy bit of room for yourself at the end—that way you’ll have a moment to stand up again before you give your work a final once-over and hit “send.”

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