One of the most common problem designers face is unpaid work.
They often complain about having done work for free, expecting to get paid later – something that never happened. The client disappeared.
These problems would not exist, if every freelancer charged a deposit. It’s as simple as that!
If you feel you don’t deserve it – many freelancers are afraid that they’ll lose a client if they ask money upfront – read this article.

Some would argue that charging a down-payment on design work is a little excessive. After all, most times you only charge a down-payment on something huge, like a house, a car, an office building, right? Depending on the scope of your project, actually, a down-payment could be a perfect solution for you.

If you aren’t using a contract in your design business, you are running the risk of not getting paid, being sued, getting paid too little, getting paid late, or doing way more work than originally intended without any increase in pay. Frankly, if you are working as a designer and don’t have a standard agreement and contract procedure, you’re crazy.

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