One of the greatest things about freelancing is that I don’t have to wake up early in the morning. I never start working before 9 30 or 10 00 a.m.
Whether you’re an early-riser or a night owl like me, it’s smart to set up your schedule in order to benefit from your most productive hours.
This article will show you how.

Biorhythms are body clocks that affect physical, emotional and intellectual aspects of the human organism. The individual cycles come under two headings. The early-risers or morning people are characterized by high activity in the first half of the day. Those who don’t mind working late hours are evening people or night owls.

Determine your personalized schedule

Apart from clear cut early-risers and night-owls, there are so-called intermediates. These people have biased cycles with the domination of one type.

To measure your own biorhythms, make an experiment suggested by Pat Brans. Create a table with the following column headings:

Hour of the day

Physical Energy





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