You probably know already, that being a talented and skillful creative is not enough to run your business successfully.
As a freelance business owner, you need a few other skills to thrive in today’s competitive market.
Being able to manage and customize your website or send newsletters to your clients, is not as difficult as it was some years ago.
Take advantage of all those great tools the digital age is offering you!

Project Management

There are so many online tools that claim to help with project management, so testing them out is the best method to find one that works for you. Once you’ve chosen a system, start utilizing it right away to help you organize the projects in your business.

Website Development

You don’t have to be a coder or know how to write in HTML or Javascript. However, you should know how to put a basic website together, even if it’s as simple as drag-and-drop. If you have trouble, you can always consult a web design expert but try to understand how it works first yourself.

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