Presenting to the clients what you are doing well is not efficient to convince them to hire you. Not anymore.
Your sales pitch has to be more about them and their needs and less about you.
In this post, you will read about the essential steps you have to follow to turn prospects into clients.

Step #1. Identify Your Clients’ Pain Points

To sell your services, you firstly need to identify your clients’ ‘pain points’ – their greatest business ambitions, and their deepest fears. However, unless your client has a problem you can solve or a desire you can fulfill, you won’t be able to convince them to commit.

Step #4. Embed Solutions in Your Sales Pitch

The experts have spoken: the traditional product pitch is dead. While it does certainly help to know your own services inside out, it’s no longer enough to have a one-way discussion about how good your services are. You need to be able to prove to your clients that you can speak to their needs.

Step #5. Tailor Client Proposals to Win More Work

It’s also important to make sure you lead on any issues you’ve identified that are unique to your client, and carefully read their project requirements before fully answering them in your proposal. Also, look for added bonus services you can provide that relate to and enhance any specific client requirements and benefits.


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