Many people find it difficult to believe that 50% of my clients live miles away from my office and we never met in-person; with some of them, we haven’t even talked on the phone.
It wouldn’t seem so strange if I were a graphic or web designer, but I’m not.
I am an interior designer.
If I can work remotely and have happy clients, then most freelancers can.
They just need the right tools and strategy.

Choose the right apps.
Your first job is to choose the right apps to communicate with. There are dozens of apps to help you email, text, chat, and video conference with your Each has its own advantages and disadvantages, such as connection speed, stream quality, price, and side features.


Find the right rhythm for each client.
Not all clients have the same communication preferences. Some will require more hand-holding and ongoing attention, while others will prefer to be left alone until something important happens. You’ll have to feel out the needs and desires of each of your clients individually, adjusting your approach according to those preferences.

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