Even if you want to have a personal relationship with your clients, automating the process and filtering prospects will save you a lot of precious time.
At the same time, analyzing results will show you where to focus on and what probably doesn’t work.
The following article provides some really useful tips.

1. Build and manage an e-mail list

For marketing automation to deliver the best results for your business, you need to have an e-mail list that includes your prospects. One of the key ways to build opt-in lists is providing contact forms on website pages, blog and landing pages.

10. Follow Up Automation

Once you have qualified and prioritized your leads, they need to be followed up with appropriate messages. Creating automated and customized follow-up messages will save a lot of time and resources allocated to your sales process.


15. Analyze Results

As a small business, you have to analyze the results of your marketing activities on a periodic basis. For this, you must centralize all of your customer data and examine the rate of conversions on a weekly or a monthly basis.

This way you can decide on the channels which need to focused on and the ones which can be left out.

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