A lot of freelancers and small business owners believe that doing great work is all they need to attract clients.
Well, it’s not as simple as that!
You may know that the services you offer are top class, but your potential clients don’t.
You need to show them your quality work and convince them you are the best choice.
The best way to do that is using a content strategy – I know it works! – and this article describes it perfectly.

What’s the one thing that will help you:

1.Build trust with your current and potential customers.

2.Position yourself as a thought leader in your industry.

3.Market your business as effectively as paid advertising.

4.Regularly demonstrate your overall talent and skill.

Gold star for everyone who said content marketing!

“Imagine I follow an interior design blog because I simply love the work they do. Every week, I see these amazing makeovers and am inspired by them. I save them on my Pinterest boards or share on my own blog. Three years later I buy my dream fixer-upper and know I’ll need some help. Odds are, I’ll turn to this brand I’ve built a long-lasting connection with rather than start looking in the Yellow Pages. Their content marketing efforts kept me engaged in that interim period where I could have easily forgotten about them.”

How Can a Content Strategy Improve Your Business?

“Many businesses put up posts because they think they’re cool or funny or they just want to rant about something. But they don’t really help their business goals,” said Flanagan.

A content strategy will help you avoid frittering away business opportunities with pointless posts. “Content can start to feel fluffy if it’s not grounded in strategy. You want to give it a robust role to play in your business. Your content strategy sets that scene for success.”

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