If you usually start the New Year with ambitious business plans, only to give up disappointed a few weeks later, then this tutorial is for you.
It examines the main reasons why productivity tips fail and gives some great advice on how to set realistic goals and achieve them without pushing yourself too hard.

Are You Trying to Make Too Many Changes at Once?

One of the biggest mistakes people make is in trying to change too much, too soon.
There’s nothing wrong with being ambitious, but the fact is that changing ingrained habits is very difficult. An oft-repeated saying is that it takes 21 days to change a habit, but research from University College London suggests it’s more like two months on average—and it varies considerably from person to person.

That’s a relatively straightforward thing to do, but it can make a powerful difference if you do it consistently. Over the course of a year, an hour a day of focused activity could add up to:

writing a book,

starting a new business, or

achieving any one of a number of other ambitious goals.

One danger of working on your productivity is that you view yourself as a machine. You try to extract maximum output from that machine during every waking hour, and if it breaks down from all that pressure, you think there’s something wrong with it.

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