Once every month the traffic to my blog and website increases by 100%.
It’s the day my email newsletter is delivered.
There are many reasons why email marketing is the most effective form of marketing for any small business owners.
6 of them, outlined in the following article, are enough to convince you.

Indeed, email marketing should be an essential tool in every small business owner’s toolkit. It’s the most powerful yet affordable way to connect with your potential customers, deliver value and drive repeat business. In fact, 56% of online marketers say email marketing is the most effective way of marketing their business.

1. Email Messages Have Much Better Visibility than Social Media Posts

With all of the Instagram posts, Facebook status updates, tweets, Snapchats and LinkedIn updates posted on a daily basis, it’s really hard to make sure your messages are actually being seen.

As a matter of fact, if we’re looking at Facebook in particular, only 6% of your fans will actually see your message, let alone engage with it.

5. With Email Marketing, You Can Measure Exactly What Works… And What Doesn’t

One of my favorite things about email marketing is the ability to see exactly how a message resonates with your audience from the second you hit that ‘send’ button. With email, you can instantly see how many people have opened your email, clicked a link in your email and exactly what link they clicked. You can even track the performance of your email all the way down to who made a purchase and what it is that they bought.

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