This is a great article to read if you often feel uncomfortable when clients ask you to lower your prices.
Understanding the reasons why clients haggle in the first place, will make it easier for you to handle their objections.
You need a good strategy – and it’s perfectly explained here.

Weak vs Strong Objections and Why They Matter

When a client challenges you, the key is to to identify what that reason is. Once you have this information, you’ll be able to defend yourself much more effectively.

How can you possibly know?

Well, it’s all in the objection.

When a client objects to your price, you need to study the exact words they used, the tone they used, the delay in their response, etc.

Let’s look at an example of how most freelancers present their quotes to prospective clients:

“I’m thinking I can do this for around $1,500 – how does that sound to you?”

The problem with this approach is that it lacks conviction. It’s an open invitation to challenge you. It feels like you plucked a figure from the air and you’re now looking to the client for validation.

Being Straight With Yourself

If they keep pushing for a discount, you need be straight with yourself:

Is this really the sort of client you want on your books?

Your first experience with a client will tell you a LOT about the kind of relationship you can expect to have with them. If you buckle now, they’ll probably challenge you again on the next project.

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