January 2017

Should You Go Into Freelance Business with Your Family?

You must definitely think twice before partnering with a family member or hiring a close relative. Although it may seem a good idea at first to work with someone you trust, it won’t always be easy to deal with business… Continue Reading →

The Hidden, Deadly Cost of Working with Low-Value Freelance Clients

One of the most common complaints of freelancers is working for low budget, yet demanding clients. Serving fewer clients and earning more is an ambitious goal, which requires quality work and the right strategy. This can also save you precious… Continue Reading →

What to Do if Your Creative Freelance Work Isn’t Working

If you think you’ve tried everything – working hard, putting your work out there, networking – and still don’t get the results you’d been expecting, you may use the wrong tool. Read this article or listen to the podcast, to… Continue Reading →

4 Marketing Tasks You Can Never Stop Doing As a Freelance Business Owner

If you think marketing your business is something you do once and it will bring results forever, you’re probably new in freelancing. This post is about certain tasks you have to keep on doing if you want to take your… Continue Reading →

5 Quick Ways to Improve your Freelance Portfolio Dramatically

I visit a lot of portfolio websites that make me wonder if their owners are really interested in getting hired. It’s great to showcase your amazing work. But what’s the point of getting your best pieces out there, if you… Continue Reading →

10 Guiding Principles for Doing Your Best Work as a Freelancer in 2017

Do you ever feel that despite working hard, your results are poor? In this interesting article you’ll find 10 impactful thoughts and techniques that will help you to be more productive and effective at work. “If you are to do… Continue Reading →

Why Freelance Business Success Isn’t about Goals – and What it Really Is About

You set an ambitious goal, difficult to achieve. You get disappointed, discouraged and you finally give up, feeling you’re a failure. We’ve all been there! There is however, a smart and easier way to succeed in business (and life in… Continue Reading →

Why Writing About Your Passion Might Be the Perfect Freelance Side Gig

If you enjoy writing, you’re lucky to be born in the internet age. There are so many opportunities out there to turn your passion into a profitable side gig or even a well paid full-time job. Competition is huge, but… Continue Reading →

How to Break Your Worst Freelance Work Habits

Habits are very powerful, this is why it’s not easy to get rid of the bad ones. At the same time, building good habits at work can make us extremely productive. This article explains the mechanism behind a habit. Being… Continue Reading →

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