I’ve read this somewhere and it’s so true:
“If you’re charging per hour and not per project, the more experienced and quicker you become the less you’ll earn!”
This isn’t fair, is it?
Clients don’t buy the time you spend on their project, they buy your expertise – that is years of working and learning.
Tracking your hours (and expenses) at work is necessary for calculating your rates and organizing your workflow. But it’s only for you.
Read to find out why value – based pricing is for real professionals.

Make the mental shift

Through my research and reading, I learned the difference between an average freelancer and a professional freelancer is:

The average freelancer solves the problem presented and gets paid.

The professional freelancer looks at the bigger picture. The professional consults with the client and solves the original problem as well as others.

It is very important to emphasize investment over cost; to train clients to view creative work as an investment.

I also emphasize excellence in quality and ask them to define excellence (so I know exactly what my goal should be).


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