This inspiring article offers some really useful advice and motivation to start working for your success.
What personally helped me the most are #2 Start today and #5 Never give up.
But, all of them are precious and insightful and will definitely give you some ideas on what’s holding you back from being a successful creative.

2. Don’t Put Off Until Tomorrow What You Can Start Today

We’ve all been there: Next Monday we’ll start the new regime. You need to start today. This means you have to quit saying you don’t have time, resources etc. You don’t know what you can accomplish right now if you just figure out how to do it your own way. Gary Vaynerchuk says “quit watching House of Cards.” Right? Use that hour and go make something.

5. Guess, Test, Iterate… But Never Give Up

I don’t mean this in a motivational speaker “don’t quit, you can do it!” kind of way. It’s not about empty digging. It is about gathering information, making your best guess, creating work to test that guess, seeing how that goes without being biased or overly-invested, then trying all over again and carrying forward what you learned. But don’t give up, that’s the only thing you don’t get to do.


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