Making a first great impression is crucial to grab people’s attention and stand out in a competitive market.
Engaging your visitors with an interactive website is a first step to turn them into clients or employers. This really helpful post gives you fresh ideas to make your online image more memorable and appealing.
You’ll actually read about 9 ways to make your resume website more interactive.

By increasing visitor engagement, you’re giving them a chance to stay longer on your website and explore more of your content. Whether that’s by clicking on your portfolio links to see a slideshow of your recent projects or by scrolling through your timeline, anyone who visits your website will be more inclined to see what else you have to offer.

Video is one of the most popular mediums today, and it allows anyone who lands on your website to instantly get a sense of your personality. You can use it as a welcome video to share a personal message with your visitors, or you can add it as a subtle background animation in the header on any other part of your website.

It goes without saying that your resume website should have contact information or even a contact form so anyone can send you a message straight from your website.

If you’re not comfortable with video, why not make use of audio posts by starting a podcast documenting your journey? By publishing your podcast to iTunes or SoundCloud you can reach a new audience. And you can embed your podcast right into your personal website.

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