A few days ago, discussing with a client who seemed to be an interesting person and we had a lot in common, I realized that during the last years I have worked for some wonderful people, that we shared the same values and they truly appreciated my work.
At first I thought I was lucky, it was karma and things like that, but then he said something that answered my question:
“When I visited your website and blog I understood that this is exactly what I’m looking for – there’s no need to search further.”
That’s what the following article is all about. It’s entirely up to you to attract your ideal clients, you just have to know the way.

What are your core values?

Apple’s values were well reflected in the Get a Mac campaign — creativity, simplicity, and rebellion against the status quo.

“Modern marketing is about matching up with the worldview of your ideal customer. Outside of a monopoly, there is no such thing as marketing that appeals to everyone, and yet, companies still try and routinely fail.”

You are not your audience

Given that you’re seeking to attract people who share your values, it’s tempting to overly identify with your audience. While you’re going to have things in common, it’s dangerous to think your ideal customer is similar to you in other ways.

You’re a subject matter expert at what you do, for starters, and they are not.

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