A lot of freelancers have the wrong idea about marketing.
They believe it is something they’ll do once and it’ll keep bringing results forever.
This is a common misconception that may cost you money and clients.
This post is a good reminder: marketing your business needs to be a constant.
The ways and intensity can adjust, but it should never stop if you want to keep you income steady.

Don’t overbook yourself at any given time

Be okay with booking clients at different intervals. You might lose a client if you tell them you’re not available for 3 months, but you won’t lose them if you tell them you can get started in two weeks. Don’t assume they’ll go to someone else just because you can’t start tomorrow.

Pick one day of the week where you commit to working on marketing. Don’t work on client stuff, don’t work on admin stuff. Choose a chunk of time that you dedicate to writing blog posts, sending your newsletter, and creating social media posts.

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