It’s 100% sure that a lousy brand image can sabotage your business and cost you clients! I’ve written a whole post about it.
Your website is your #1 marketing and client attracting tool.
Therefore, you must be really careful with the way you present yourself and your business to prospective clients.
Watch out for the following common,  yet inexcusable mistakes!

1. Your website is ridden with Spelling and Grammar mistakes

Oy Vey, as my grandmother would say.

If your clients hop on over to your site to consider hiring you, they’ll be sorely disappointed to learn that you frequently butcher proper writing throughout your site.

5. Cheesy Stock photos galore

Here’s the thing with stock photos: many are not original and most are a tad cliché.

I mean how many times have you seen the dreaded “hand shake” photo?

Stock photos are a good solution if you’re looking for an easy way to cram your website with ready-to-use photos, but they can be damaging if you’re not tactful with your approach.

Save your clients!

Seriously, though, save your clients. These are busy people. You’ve already managed to grab their attention through your pitch, so don’t drop the ball and waste their attention by sending them to a site that’s not going to close the deal.

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